A Milestone Shared with a Silent Cheerleader

Life is an exquisite tapestry of joyous celebrations and heartfelt farewells. It is a bittersweet symphony of love, longing, and perseverance, much like the poignant video captured by a proud member of the Class of 2023.

“Where are the times go? What’s starting to fly…”

The creator of the video, aptly known as ‘Some tall guy’, has crafted a narrative that doesn’t need visuals to move you. As the Class of 2023 embarks on their graduation journey, a sense of loss and love fills the air. The words, seemingly simple, are layered with emotion, expressing a heartfelt farewell to a loved one - a mother, and a silent celebration of the milestone they wished to share together.

The video starts with a melancholic question, “Where are the times go?”, immediately setting a reflective mood. As the frames move forward, the viewer is introduced to the concept of time, flying fast, hinting at the speed of growth, maturing from childhood to adulthood. Amid the graduation gowns and congratulatory cheers, there’s an undercurrent of absence, the presence of someone dearly missed.

Throughout the video, ‘Some tall guy’ pays tribute to his beloved mother, the silent cheerleader whose presence is deeply missed during this significant milestone. Although she may not physically be there to share his triumph, the love and pride are palpable.


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♬ Where'd All the Time Go? - Dr. Dog

Responses to the video have been overwhelming, a testament to the universality of the emotions portrayed. The comments section is filled with heartfelt expressions, with the majority of viewers sharing their condolences, words of comfort, and experiences of similar personal loss. Some are quick to congratulate the graduate, their emojis capturing a range of sentiments from joyful to bittersweet.

The video has garnered over 500,000 likes and close to 10,000 comments, showcasing the deep emotional connection formed with viewers. One comment reads, “Mine passed before graduation too,” emphasizing the shared narrative many viewers connected with. Another user shares, “crying,” a testament to the raw emotional impact of the video.

In all its simplicity, ‘Some tall guy’s’ graduation video serves as a stark reminder of our shared human experiences - the joy of milestones achieved and the inevitable sting of loss. A subtle tribute to the silent cheerleaders in our lives, those who are gone but continue to shape our stories in their absence.