A Dreamy Proposal Woven from a Beloved Fairy Tale

Isn’t it said that life is a lot like a fairy tale? We face dragons, venture into the unknown, discover ourselves, and if we’re fortunate, we find love that feels as though it was scripted in the stars.

“Dream proposal with the dream guy.”

As if straight from the pages of a fairy tale, a creative young man orchestrated a proposal that can only be described as enchanted. Harnessing the magic of the lantern scene from the beloved movie, ‘Tangled,’ he wove a moment that was both deeply personal and magically romantic.

The scene began innocuously enough. The two of them, just existing in their shared space, with a repeated phrase, “Come here,” setting the stage. It was those simple words, repeated with affection and anticipation, that built the foundation of the unfolding enchantment.

Then the background tune changed, subtly shifting the mood. The opening chords to the song, ‘I see the light,’ from ‘Tangled’ filled the air. As the woman recognized the tune, her eyes widened, and her heart raced. What was happening?

On one knee, the man presented her with a ring, mirroring the iconic scene in the movie. The timing was impeccable; as he went down on his knee, Rapunzel’s singing, “and at LAAAST I see the liiiight,” filled the room, leaving everyone teary-eyed.


Dream proposal with the dream guy💍 Tangled is my favorite movie #proposal #tangled #laternscene #fiance

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The reactions to this heartfelt moment were overwhelming, to say the least. The video garnered an impressive number of likes and heartwarming comments, with the viewers deeply touched by the thoughtfulness and creativity of the proposal.

“WITH TANGLED?? YOURE SO LUCKY GIRL OMG,” one comment read. “This is a real proposal a sincere one not a lot of money spent,” applauded another. One person humorously imagined an unfortunate scenario: “Oh my god this is so cute, but imagine if there was an ad when he clicks on music 😂.”

The mix of amusement, joy, and awe throughout the comments was palpable, with many viewers confessing to shedding tears over the sweet proposal. Many wished for a similar fairy-tale moment, and even those not usually into romantic gestures couldn’t help but be moved. All in all, it was a love story beautifully told, with a little help from Disney magic, leaving everyone watching with a warm, fuzzy feeling and maybe even belief in fairy-tales.