A Lesson on Boundaries from a Preschool Prodigy

There is a great life lesson hidden in the antics and innocent humor of children. Often, their straightforward perspective serves as a refreshing reminder of our own inherent values and principles that tend to blur as we age. The wisdom from their mouths often stems from a clear, unfiltered view of the world, punctuated by bursts of humor that remind us not to take life too seriously.

“Get your fingers out. Smack your hand out.”

Picture this: a charming, spirited young girl embarks on a mission to protect what is rightfully hers – her food. This pint-sized warrior, the star of a video making rounds on social media, has gripped viewers with her spirited defense of her lunch from an ambitious fellow preschooler, Lisa.

The video begins innocently enough. An off-camera voice, presumably a parent, asks her about her day, and the tiny orator proceeds to recount the injustice she experienced at daycare when Lisa tried to dig into her food. With unflappable confidence, she shares how she safeguarded her meal, stating, “She’s German and I said, and I’m no finger today,” making it clear she wouldn’t stand for such infringements.

The conversation evolves into a priceless teaching moment. The girl remains firm in her stance even when it’s pointed out that we shouldn’t lay hands on others. When told that her action was inappropriate, she innocently asks, “Why do we need the appropriate?” A query that causes the adult to pause, and probably every viewer too.


Dear Lord…let her graduate before she gets kicked out!! #savagekid #dontmesswithmychild #funnykid #kidtok #daycarechronicles101 #fyp

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Now let’s move on to the delightful reactions this video has amassed. It’s raked in an astonishing number of likes, suggesting this little girl’s fierce stance on boundaries and personal space resonates with many. The comment section is a treasure trove of laughter, empathy, and camaraderie. A viewer quips, “She told no lies…an icon 😂,” while another proclaims, “I’m 100% with [her].”

Some commentators humorously support her rebellious act, one remarking, “Smacking fingers away from your food sounds VERY appropriate 😂 I’ve definitely done it too.” Another chimes in, “No fingers allowed, girl😂😂😂.” Many praise her for setting boundaries, signaling a broader acceptance of her adorable defiance.

The most precious moment arrives at the video’s end, where she attempts to diffuse the situation by dropping a strategic “I love you.” It’s as if she’s saying, “Okay, I may have overstepped a little, but it’s all out of love.”

Let’s remember that amidst the laughter and shared jokes, there is a powerful lesson about setting boundaries and sticking to them, even if it means ruffling a few feathers, or in this case, smacking a few hands. After all, as one of the viewers perfectly summed it up, “Well don’t touch her food!!!”