A Comical Tale of the Invisible Vehicle

Life has a way of delivering invisible surprises; you never know what you’re in for until you’re sitting in the invisible boat mobile. Such is the bewildering, humorous incident that plays out in this story, where a man’s search for his undelivered car takes a hilarious twist.

“Told Nissan my car was never delivered. They wanted proof.”

Let’s venture into the amusing narrative spun by our protagonist who finds himself in a peculiar predicament with his car delivery. With a comical flair for storytelling and a pinch of modern pop culture references, he tells us about his car order, which, according to him, never arrives. He is seen holding a remote key, assumedly belonging to the undelivered car. Our protagonist cleverly responds to the demand for evidence by producing a series of images suggesting he’s been given an “invisible boat mobile,” a humorous nod to a fictional vehicle from popular culture. He’s seen sitting mid-air, as if in a vehicle, which of course, can’t be seen by viewers - hence the invisible boat mobile.

He convincingly displays his invisible vehicle with such enthusiasm and absurdity that it’s hard not to crack up. His endearing antics bring life to the invisible, adding a dose of joy and a touch of the fantastic to a regular day.


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The reaction to this story was an instant hit on the social platform, garnering a massive wave of laughs, shares, and comments. With over 1.5 million likes and thousands of comments in a few short hours, it was clear that our protagonist and his invisible vehicle struck a chord with viewers.

People played along, chiming in with remarks like, “Bro was in the invisible boat mobile,” and, “You should have added Ms. Puff to the invisible boat mobile,” references that further play into the humor of the scenario. Others amusingly questioned Nissan’s logic, “Nissan: How you got the keys then?” and, “Do Nissan not be tracking their cars?”

Many others echoed the humor of the situation with an abundance of laughing emojis and comments of “I’m dead” and “I can’t.” The video’s ability to spread cheer was undeniable. Some even commended the protagonist’s creativity, calling the invisible boat mobile concept “genius.”

And so, through the power of social media and the irresistible charm of humor, a story about an invisible vehicle touched the hearts of many, leaving a trail of smiles, laughter, and a profound lesson - life, like an invisible boat mobile, is all about how you choose to see it.