When Makeup Mishaps Turn Hilariously Relatable

We’ve all experienced those moments when things don’t go as planned, but sometimes the mishaps can lead to the best memories. And when it comes to makeup experiments, we’ve all had our fair share of faux pas. Today, we bring you a story that perfectly captures the magic of such moments, and how they can create a heartwarming connection between family members.

“Baby, you look like Michael Jackson after the transition. What the hell?”

In this side-splitting video, a young woman decides to try a new foundation that is clearly not the right color for her skin tone. As she applies the makeup, she remarks about her uncertainty regarding the shade. Oblivious to her mistake, she continues blending, only for her family members to notice and join in on the fun.


She really said Michael Jackson😂

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As the video unfolds, the young woman’s partner jokingly points out her resemblance to Michael Jackson post-transition, while another family member calls her “mama” affectionately. As the young woman attempts to defend her choice, the playful banter between her and her family continues, with phrases like “That’s not a glow, that’s a damn no!” adding to the hilarity of the situation.

The video has garnered massive attention, with thousands of likes and comments pouring in from viewers. The Internet can’t seem to get enough of this wholesome moment, as the comments section is filled with laughter and appreciation:

“At least she honest 😂😂”

“I love how she calls her ‘mama’😂🥺”

“That’s not a glow, that’s a damn no!” 😂

“Lmaoooo not Michael Jackson 😂”

The beauty of this video is not just the humor, but also the genuine connection and love shared between the family members. It’s a beautiful reminder that laughter can bring people together, even when things don’t go as planned. And in a world where we can all use a little more laughter, this video serves as a delightful dose of joy.

So, if you’re having a rough day or need a quick pick-me-up, this video is sure to bring a smile to your face. After all, sometimes our best moments come from our mistakes, and this hilarious makeup mishap is no exception.