The Sneeze Seen 'Round the World: An Unlikely Feat

Life, much like a sneeze, can often come at us unexpectedly. Sometimes it even catches us with our eyes wide open. It’s in these unexpected, shared moments that we find the essence of community and humor, the sense of belonging that makes us human.

“Well… I did it”

In the ever-crowded world of entertainment, an unusual feat has managed to capture the public’s attention. A woman, quite unlike anyone you know, took it upon herself to challenge an age-old myth that one cannot sneeze with their eyes open. Credited to a creative mind who simply goes by the moniker ‘Bela Amor’, the feat was caught on video and quickly became an internet sensation.

Imagine this: a woman, casual and full of laughter, humorously preparing herself to sneeze. There’s an undercurrent of suspense in the air. Will she manage to keep her eyes open? Or will the mythical legend hold true? She sneezes, eyes wide open, laughs heartily, and in the end triumphantly announces, “ok it’s undone”.


💀Well… I did it😂

♬ Trying to sneeze with my eyes open trend - Isabela Barbosa

The reactions to this unlikely challenge were nothing short of a digital party. The comments section was flooded with laughter, shared stories, and of course, an abundance of virtual blessings.

Some remarked with lighthearted humor about the myth they’d been told as children, that your eyes would pop out if you sneezed with them open. Others playfully admitted to trying the same while driving, evoking a collective image of cars filled with solo drivers, making silly faces, attempting to sneeze with their eyes open.

The video amassed an impressive count of likes and comments, demonstrating its viral reach. But it wasn’t just about the numbers. It was about the sense of shared humor, the communal experience, the momentary unity in an otherwise diverse digital space. There were laughs, there were congratulations, there were even declarations of love for the woman’s infectious laugh.

The video, in all its simple, humorous glory, reminded us that sometimes, the most unexpected moments can bring us together, and in the end, isn’t that what being human is all about?