The Universal Gym Class Playlist: A P.E. Musical Journey

Growing up, physical education class was an integral part of our schooling. It was a break from the monotony of academic subjects, a chance to stretch our legs, and for some, an opportunity to excel in something other than algebra or history. But it was also a time of shared experiences - the whiff of the locker room, the dread of the beep test, and the undeniable rhythm of the gym class music playlist.

“I would rather have any other music than that one song!”

This post revolves around a captivating and humorous video shared by an anonymous author that has touched the hearts and funny bones of many. It echoes a sentiment that most of us can relate to - the peculiar choices of music played during physical education classes. The video artistically showcases the author’s physical reactions and facial expressions to the music - imagine a lot of eye-rolling, exaggerated dance-like movements, and a mix of amusement and exasperation.

As the video progresses, the author humorously syncs their movements to the rhythm of various popular tunes, creating a sense of a music video filmed right in the middle of the gym class. It’s a universal experience, the awkward yet oddly enjoyable dance of gym activities set to the backdrop of, say, Imagine Dragons or a Kidz Bop rendition of a hit pop song. It’s a performance that many of us unknowingly participated in during our school days, and the author brings it to life with a good dose of humor and nostalgia.


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♬ original sound - jana

The video has garnered a staggering number of views and comments, turning it into an overnight sensation. The comment section turned into a mini-reunion of sorts, with users from around the world sharing their own PE music memories. From those expressing surprise at the idea of music in gym class, to others sharing their own peculiar playlists featuring everything from Bruno Mars to country music, the reactions were diverse and hilarious.

One user reminisced, “Mine played pumped up kicks,” while another commented, “My P.E. teacher plays kids bop versions of songs.” Others joined in the fun, with comments like “It was always this song in elementary” and “And then I accidentally walk on beat,” adding to the shared sense of mirth and nostalgia.

A flurry of tags filled the comments section, with friends tagging each other, presumably remembering their own gym class experiences. With over a million likes and thousands of comments, it’s clear that the video has struck a chord with viewers, offering a moment of shared laughter and a trip down memory lane. In the end, it’s not just about the music or the gym class, but about the shared experiences that connect us all, even in the most unexpected ways.